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Mentorship program 

Nothing will keep people from dancing. Together. Ever. Amidst the era of  COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter movement, a dance revolution has begun. In response to the global pandemic and demand for racial equality and inclusion,  a new way to train has emerged.



HAVEN offers more than training. We provide MENTORSHIP that is RELEVANT to TODAY in order for dancers to CREATE their own careers. 

When reviewing applications, HAVEN considers in addition to technical skill and artistry, a dancer’s heart, mind, passion, generosity, sense of humor, self-expression, potential for bold contribution, and spirit.

Dancers age 15+ are selected to participate in empowering development that entails technique, rehearsal (creation or re-creation of work), workshops, seminars, networking, and performance opportunities. Dancers can choose to participate in technique only, rehearsal only, or both. 


(click on dates below for additional information)

 OCTOBER 5-24: Creation with Atlanta-based choreographer Aus

NOVEMBER 2-21: Ayman Harper and Rachel Walton

JANUARY 4-22: PARA.MAR Dance Theatre with Artistic Director Stephanie Martinez  & Noelle Kayser
FEBRUARY 1-19: FACT/SF with Artistic Director Charles Slender-White



Technique and rehearsals occur Monday-Thursday while Fridays entail intentional lectures, seminars, workshops, and forums to support training and development, branding and career advancement, plus time to write in Discovery Journals and/or meet with Monthly Allies. Mentees can choose to participate in technique only, rehearsal only, or both.



75-90 minute technique classes may include: Classical Ballet, Boho Ballet, Modern, Contemporary,  Countertechnique, Conditioning, Gyrokinesis, Hip Hop, Jazz, Krump, and Yoga. 75-90 minute rehearsals include the creation of original composition on and with mentees or the reworking of existing choreography. 


TIMES (listed in Pacific Time)

3-4:30 Technique

4:30-6 Rehearsal 


3-Week Session


4 Techniques Classes Per Week


4 Rehearsals Per Week


1 Workshop Or Seminar Per Week


1 Performance Opportunity


Personal Feedback and Optional Coaching Sessions 

1-Week Session


   5 Technique Classes

     5 Rehearsals


     Technique           $150

     Rehearsal           $250

     Both                   $400  

     Security Deposit  $100

3-Month Term


4 Techniques Classes Per Week 

4 Rehearsals Per Week

1 Workshop Or Seminar Per Week

1 Performance Opportunity Per Month


Personal Feedback and Optional


Coaching Sessions 



Dance Literacy


Discovery Journal


Living Career Seminar


Monthly Allyship

9-Month Certificate Program


4 Techniques Classes Per Week


4 Rehearsals Per Week


1 Workshop Or Seminar Per Week


1 Performance Opportunity Per Month

Personal Feedback and Additional Coaching Sessions 




Dance Literacy


Discovery Journal


Living Career Seminar


Monthly Allyship



One-on-one Mentorship


9-Weeks Of Career Coaching (Personal Branding, Organizational Skills, Headshot, Resume, Reel, Audition Skills, Career Strategizing) 


Participation In Un-gala


Embossed Haven 

Certificate Of Completion 

In Dance Performance


Technique           $500

Rehearsal           $800

Both                   $1200  

Security Deposit $400



Technique          $1100

Rehearsal          $2200

Both                  $3000

Security Deposit $1000



Technique     $2700

Rehearsal     $5400

Both            $7500

Security Deposit $2500



We understand that people have different socio-economic backgrounds and can create  payment options that work for each mentee. Payments can be made by PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, wire transfer, check, automatic withdrawal or money order. 



  • 15+

  • previous dance training & passion for movement

  • performance experience or curiosity about sharing dance with others

  • desire to adapt, create, connect, and contribute 


There is no fee to apply. 

Send the following materials to​

  • Video Statement of Interest (talk to camera about yourself and why you are interested in Dance Mentorship at HAVEN)

  • Biography and/or Resume 

  • Links to Application Video(s)​

Please upload your Video Statement of Interest and Application Videos to Dropbox,  Vimeo, or Youtube, and provide links (include passwords if needed). Videos that need to be downloaded will NOT be considered.




Please include the following in your application video(s):

  • 1 minute of improvisation 

  • 1-3 minutes of performance or rehearsal footage (on stage if possible, but any setting acceptable)

Send links  (include passwords if needed) that connect directly to videos posted to Dropbox, Vimeo, or Youtube. Do NOT send videos that need to be downloaded. 



Applications accepted until programs have reached capacity. If a program has reached capacity, we will indicate as such in bright red on our website. 



Selected mentees for the January Session will be notified of admittance by email no later than January 2nd, 2021. 



Full and partial scholarships are available for mentees that apply and are accepted. 

Step 1 - apply

Step 2 - receive notification of acceptance

Step 3 - send the following materials to

  • Written Statement of Financial Need

  • Two Letters of Recommendation

Certification in Dance Performance



During this 9-month online mentorship program dancers experience everything listed in the Dance Mentorship Program PLUS the following:

  • Living Career Seminar Series (personal branding, organizational skills, headshot, resume, reel, audition skills, strategizing) 

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Participation in UN-GALA

  • Embossed HAVEN Certificate of Completion in Dance Performance

Important dates


Orientation: September 7

Month One: September 8-26 

Month Two: October 5-23

Month Three: November 2-20



Orientation: January 3

Month Four: January 4-22

Month Five: February 1-19

Month Six: March 1-19



Orientation: March 27

Month Seven: March 29-April 14

Month Eight: April 26-May 14

Month Nine: May 24-June 11

Certificate Program Un-Gala: June 12





HAVEN's perspective is that there is no separation between the mind and body, but rather, they are interconnected. To nurture and expand the mind-body mentees nominate and select monthly reading material to read and discuss in mentor prompted/mentee led discussions. 



Mentees learn to take care of their world by understanding where they live, the current state of the dance field, discovering what they want to do, who they want to be, and how they can contribute to by taking action on issues related to their own communities.



Mentees have a new ally every month to bring joy and learning to chaotic transitions, boosting HAVEN culture in a fun, kinesthetic way.  The Monthly Allies help HAVEN take attendance. They have bi-weekly check-ins to make sure they are both thriving and have the support that they need. Monthly Allies also teach each other or relay any information that might have been missed due to technical difficulties, lateness, absences, or simply checking-out. Monthly Allies are randomly assigned during the orientation sessions. 



Getting mentees inspired to solve problems starts with helping them become more observant. Through Discovery Journals, mentees can unleash creativity, uncover possible projects, and spark project-based learning opportunities by practicing seeing.



Via breakout rooms, mentees share their knowledge and skills with peers so that their classmates can ask them for help before going to a mentor. Mentees learn that everyone can be a teacher, and practice collaborative problem-solving.




By designating time at the end of each month for mentees to reflect upon their experience over the last three weeks and speculate about their career goals, mentors help students recognize the importance of networking and help make connections with potential employers and/or organizations for opportunities beyond the Dance Mentorship Program. 



The Certificate Program offers a number of career planning resources as well as work experience with HAVEN. This will be a bespoke aspect of the program where each dancer’s artistic vision, goals, and aspirations will be considered, and the mentors will offer professional advice and guidance.


Mentees will receive direction on developing audition materials, audition resources, and seeking outside-of-the-box opportunities to dance and make a living as an artist. As part of the CERTIFICATE Program, mentees will build a network, creating links with companies, choreographers, and artistic directors from around the world. 



HAVEN’s  9-Month Certificate Program in Dance Performance will culminate in an UN-GALA. In the spirit of equality and an anti-prom-for-adults, this come-as-you-are dance happening is be attended by suggested donation. It is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to share what they have experienced and created through their participation in HAVEN’S Certificate Programs. The Un-Gala is an integral and joyous completion ceremony that contributes to the development of community and ultimately a greater understanding of our chosen art form, dance! 



Similar to high school diplomas, college degrees, or technical certifications, registration in the program does not necessarily guarantee certification. The certification has to be earned. Between terms, mentees meet with faculty to evaluate progress and strategize how to further empower mentee and maximize participation. Upon completion of the Third Term, only mentees meeting the minimum requirements, will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, mentees must exemplify:

  • Adequate Attendance (ontime, participation for full duration)

  • Engagement (present, asked questions, applied self fully to tasks)

  • Preparedness (completed tasks between classes/homework)

  • Technical Progress

  • Artistic Progress

  • Completion of assigned Dance Literacy assignments

  • Active partnership with each Monthly Ally

  • Personal Branding Accomplishments

  • Healthy Perspective

  • Genuinely positive force in process

  • Leadership



Successful mentees receive a beautifully designed, officially embossed certificate. Their profiles are added to our alumni roster of Certified Artists and are given administrator status to our HAVEN Alumni Facebook and Instagram pages.


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